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 X-Ray Medical Products
Roentgenography protection
Radiodiagnostics equipment and accessories.
X-ray films, cartridges and intensifying screens.
Film treatment equipment and chemicals.
Digital treatment and archiving of
X-ray images.
Patient Transfer System.
Fracture treatment devices.

Simulators and trainers for education
Anatomic models of body parts.
Models and trainers developing skills in medical practice.
Trainers and simulators for professional medical education
Simulators and mannequins for Disaster Medicine
Learning and laboratory systems, simulators, stands for universities.
Learning and visual aids and materials for the classroom studies.

NDT inspection
Portable and stationary equipment, active storage, chemicals and software for different methods of NDT inspection.
Apparatuses for coating thickness measurement.
Analysis of material structure and their electric conductivity.
Thermal imaging cameras.
Certification of the personnel and audit of the companies in the field of NDT.

Water treatment
On-site generator sodium hypochlorite and mixed oxidants
On-site generator and control of chlorine dioxide
Equipment for dosing and control of liquid chlorine (chlorine gas)
Disinfection of water in swimming pools
Water treatment for home, apartments, villas, swimming pool
Dosing pumps and control
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